Financial Control

Our service offerings let our clients focus on their craft as we deliver ours.

What is LMFC

Our Letcher Moroney Financial Control (LMFC) services allow us to become further invested in our client’s journey. It is imperative to have strong financial control and strategic management in today’s business environment.

LMFC has identified cash management and wealth creation as a key focus for our clients. Most people know how to generate income but not everyone creates wealth.

LMFC delivers financial structure and provides leadership & direction to our clients. By creating client-focused models, strategies and performance management we give clients assurance that their financial affairs are under control.

Engaging LMFC will give you access to our expanding professional network to engage with trusted specialists.

Financial Control & Business Advisory Services

Monthly Reporting

Knowing how our clients’ businesses are performing on a more periodical basis is becoming more & more prevalent. LMFC gives business owners a monthly financial view of their performance using the systems and tools Letcher Moroney has in place. The reports & dashboards provides our clients with relevant & digestible information that adds instant value to our clients.

Management Meetings

Along with the management reports Letcher Moroney provides management meetings to discuss performance and help educate our clients. In these meetings we cover a whole range of business advisory matters such as current performance, budget, cash flow, KPIs, action items & strategy. To keep all relevant stakeholders accountable in order for our clients to achieve their goals.

Business Mentoring

Our business advisory function allows us to mentor business owners on any matter. We become a trusted confidante to our clients to help themselves and their business grow. We assist business owners to further enhance their skills as a teacher, manager, strategist & leader.

Strategic Planning

Assist in developing their financial strategic plan. Gaining an analytical understanding of where clients business is positioned in the market aids you in determining the direction in which a business should head in order to achieve desired objectives. This is where a detailed business strategy document will assist. A business strategy outlines the tactics, methods and pathways employed by a business to achieve future goals.

Cloud Solutions

Find the best suited systems to streamline the operations of your business. Tailored to our clients businesses, Letcher Moroney will find, recommend & implement necessary cloud-based solutions to further enhance the operations of your business.

Project Management

Looking to expand your warehouse or shop floor? Opening a new branch? Unsure what to do with a piece of Land? But don’t have the time to carry out these timely projects. Letcher Moroney can assist by planning, executing and closing projects. Can assist with defining the project, forming the plan and managing the budget.

Start Up Advice

Letcher Moroney provides clients with start ups a new business tool kit. The service offerings cover all things necessary for a new venture, from the idea of the business to the infancy of its operations. This guidance provides starts up more structure and confidence that they are covering all bases when launching their business.

Business Purchase & Sale Advice

There are many variables to consider when purchasing or selling a business. Along with making sure particular stepping stones are put in place before the transaction can be settled.

With our experience and expertise, Letcher Moroney is well equipped to advise and support our clients whenever a purchase or sale opportunity arises.

This can include:

  • Preparing or reviewing due diligence work
  • Structuring
  • Funding
  • Negotiate purchase/sale agreement

Wealth Creation & Management

Most people know how to generate income but not everyone creates wealth. Letcher Moroney provide our clients with wealth maintenance services to safeguard their personal wealth. We believe in first laying the foundations of their business in order to have the ability to pull funds out of the business to generate personal wealth. This gives our clients confidence that they have the necessary pillars in place to maintain & grow their wealth.  

Business Reviews

Conduct internal process reviews to understand the day to day operations of the business. Collate findings & provide recommendations on new controls & processes that are relevant the business. We can also carry out the implementation process in order to improve efficiencies within the business.

Budgets & Cash Flow Forecasting

Helps you manage your cash flows & performance. Keep a watchful eye and provide clients with the information necessary to make informed decisions. This is done by providing ongoing cash flow modelling, reporting & management, along with budget and forecasting preparation, analysis & tracking.

CFO Services & Secondments

Our CFO services allow Letcher Moroney to provide clients a financial control offering without needing to employee a full-time employee.

In need of a short-term resource?

Letcher Moroney can assign an employee on a temporary basis to fill any role you require. Based on what role/task needs to be filled will determine the level of staff assigned to the secondment.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Work with our clients to design measurable values on key areas of the business to illustrate how effectively the business is achieving key objectives. KPIs will be used as a tool to keep people in the business accountable on the direction they are heading towards.

Historical Accounts Review

Specific account never reconciling? Is the bank questioning certain account balances?

Letcher Moroney can conduct an in-depth general ledger detail review of such accounts to pin point where the errors lie within the account or to determine the validity of a balance.

Succession Planning

Successfully transitioning a business to a new leader is a delicate but vital process. Letcher Moroney helps assist clients with planning for this transition and training the successor in any areas necessary to keep the business heading in the right direction.

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